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Last week ended my series “Food for Thought”. I spent a month being inspired by like-minded folks, those who took their passions for food and created thriving successful business enterprises. I was so inspired by each of them, and we ended the month with a bang! Thanks to each of you for helping me to do what I do.

I thank you so much Chef Michael Feker of Il Mito restaurant in Milwaukee, who strives to get his guests to the table through his kitchen. I wish I was closer to him, those of you in that area, stop by! He blessed us with his wit and style, and graced us with his wisdom. He says we all speak food, just with different dialects and accents. We manifest our love through food to fed our culinary souls. He sees cooking as art, and desires to feed his spiritual bank account, knowing the financial feeding will follow as he lives his passion. And he admonished us to find time to eat healthy now, or make time to be sick later. You gotta love this man! Find him on Facebook, Chef Michael Feker, and check out on the web.

Veronica at Wholesome Chow became successful by changing horses (business goals) in the middle of the stream. She went from just food to just cake! With their line of gluten free, vegan, organic delicious cake mixes, they are in over 750 markets nationwide with more to come, as well as shipping worldwide. Find them at

After suffering from various health ills for many years, Michelle Pfenninghaus healed her life through changing her eating habits. She now leads others into taking charge of their lives through food, with her newsletters, online coaching, public speaking workshops, and holistic business coaching. See more at

A big thank you to my sponsors for the week,, , and For those of you interested in marketing your product to over 30,000 consumers, all supporters of small businesses, contact me for a rate chart. And as you support my sponsors and guests, make sure to tell them Grandmas Secrets sent you.

My blessings continue to pour in. I am now a contributing writer for I am covering small business in the New York City area. If you are a small business, and have newsworthy information, please share it with me. Send me your press releases, tidbits, and news. I will quote you and provide link backs. This is a great way to get publicity. As my column gets more exposure, so will your biz! Lets grown together.

And be sure to tune into “Business Matters” in December as we kick off two shows per week, Wednesday and Thursday nights. This month’s topic “What Inspires You?”  is sure to leave you geared up for 2013. The guest of honor this week is Candyman David Klein, the inventor of the jellybean! Thats right, tune in as he takes us from rags to riches to slightly discounted menswear! See you in the chat room.